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Red Sox Could Move Ramirez Or Sandoval To First Base - RealGM Wiretap
The Boston Red Sox have had discussions about moving either Hanley Ramirez or Pablo Sandoval to first base.

The front office has not approached either player about a possible move new balance 530 mujer baratas , but talks could take place in the offseason.

Moving Sandoval to first would be contingent on Boston adding a suitable third baseman via trade or free agency. Ramirez would seem to be a more likely option, especially given an emphasis on outfield defense. He has repeatedly said that he has no plans to return to the infield.

"I don't know about that yet. I don't know about first base," Ramirez said Wednesday. "I'm an employee here and I just want to win. I came here to win. I'm not saying I'm not playing there, and I'm not saying I'm playing there. It's just way too far ahead to be thinking about that. This season isn't over yet."

Cardinals Tie Record With Seven Doubles - RealGM Wiretap The Cardinals tied a record with seven doubles in an inning against the Cubs on Saturday. St. Louis accomplished the feat in the seventh inning of their 12-0 victory. They tied the franchise record for runs in an inning set Sept. 16, 1926 zapatillas new balance baratas , against the Phillies, in the third inning of the opener of a doubleheader in Philadelphia. "We've had some against us that felt like 12," manager Mike Matheny said. "You look at this offense and they can come in bundles. 锘? Lets be honest, who doesn t want a flat stomach? But for many people it doesn t matter how many crunches or sit ups we do it never seems to happen. If I had a dollar for every time someone asked me the following question: Everyday I do hundreds of sit ups and crunches but I still have fat around my midsection. How come? Well before I reveal the 6 pack system, first I m going to debunk some very important myths regarding how to get 6 pack abs. Myth 1. You must lose weight to see your abs. This is not entirely true nike air force 1 mid baratas , the focus should be on fat loss rather than weight loss. The reason? Your body consists of fat mass and lean body mass (muscle, bone, water, organs etc). The key is to minimize your fat mass and increase your lean body mass to ramp up your metabolism, a body that starves fat and builds muscle like clockwork. So if you lose 8 kilos of scale weight but lose some lean muscle in the process you will slow down your metabolism nike air force one mid 07 baratas , decrease performance and lose muscle tone. However if you lose 8 kilos on the scale but keep your lean muscle you increase your performance, increase muscle tone and lose mostly body fat. The scale has far too many variables to account for that lead to frequent fluctuations such as hydration levels, sodium intake, and for women the menstrual cycle. I firmly believe one should NOT keep a scale at their home it is such an anchor, particularly for women. Get off the scale and get over the numbers. The true goal is fat loss nike air force one high hombre , not weight loss. Focus on clothing size reduction, digital before and after pictures, and of course the mirror for the most accurate progress tracking. Myth 2 Doing lot s of abs training will burn stomach fat Spot reduction doesn t work. You can t train a region of the body and expect to lose body fat in that area. Nearly everyone you see does crunches but only a few people will do total body workouts so why isn t more people walking around with flat stomachs and fat arms, legs etc. Spot reduction doesn t work! Everybody loses fat in a genetically pre determined way when you create a calorie deficit through proper dietary habits and the correct training methods. So the best way to train is to focus your training around burning as many calories as possible by training your whole body every workout and not just your abs. Big exercises that work more than one muscle at a time like push ups, chin ups nike air force one altas mujer , squats, lunges etc burn far more calories than working one muscle at a time like crunches and sit ups. So make sure you focus your training around these big movements and only do specific abs work to supplement the rest of your training. Myth 3 Sit ups and crunches are the N0.1 exercise for abs The scientific term for your six pack muscles are your rectus abdominis. For years now, we have been conditioned to think that the best way to work your rectus abdominis is by doing endless crunches and sit ups since these trunk flexion exercises make the muscles you want to see in the mirror burn. However, the true function of the rectus abdominis is to prevent hyperextension, not to flex forward over and over again. Anytime you brace your abs (think slight crunch before you get punched in the gut) and pull your navel into your spine you effectively stabilize your spine into a safe nike air force one altas baratas , neutral position. And the moment you relax your abs and lose that braced abs position, your back will begin to hyperextend putting you at greater risk for injury. So, we focus on stabilization exercises in all three planes of movement (saggital front to back, frontal side to side, and transverse rotational) by using pillar exercise variations (also know as planks). Besides training the true anti extension function of your superficial ab muscles nike air force one altas , these bridgingstabilization exercises also activate the key transverse abdominus muscles, or your deep abdominal stabilizers, that wrap around your spine and support your internal organs. Strengthening these inner ab muscles is the key to optimal posture and performance in addition to injury prevention, yet another benefit to performing pillars over primitive crunches and sit ups that often cause unwanted neck and back pain. Myth 4 Long bouts of cardio will burn fat and reveal your abs Real world case studies and scientific studies prove that aerobic training for fat loss alone isn t the most efficient way to train. Whole body resistance training is the best way to train for fat loss. Furthermore HIIT (interval training) has been scientifically proven to burn nine times .

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